The Barong and the Kris Dance

The wondrous island of Bali isn’t just blessed with fascinating beaches and extraordinary landscapes, and it also has a beautiful traditional culture which stays well preserved, emphasizing the daily lives of their people. The Barong and The Kris Dance is one of many forms of art closely associated with spirituality, and it’s frequently performed in ritual ceremonies. Portraying the classic battle of Good vs. Evil, the dancing is among the most well known and loved on the island. In Balinese mythology, Barong is a prominent character taken from the kind of a lion, regarded as the King of the Spirits who represents Virtue. Barong is seen as a guardian angel’.

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Opposing Good is represented by another mythical creature named Rangda, the Queen of Demons. Rangda leads a military of wicked witches against the leader of the forces of Good. Like a mirror of life, the Barong dance represents the two characters engaged in a never-ending battle. Similar to Sanghyang Dance, the Barong Dance is indigenous to Balinese culture that predates back to Hinduism. Barong is covered in thick white fur, adorned with golden jewelry and bits of mirrors. The same as the Chinese lion dance, barong entails two people dance in synchronized movements to portray a lion in action.

In the dance drama named Calon Arang, Barong emerges to counteract Rangda’s use of magic to control the entire world. The men will fight each other with kris daggers, but upon the appearance of Barong they turn their kris and stab themselves. The performers get into a trance state. Barong then defeats Rangda, hence restoring balance in nature. In the meantime, the tranced men are reincarnated by the sprinkle of holy water. Balinese individuals believe that each region has its protective spirit for its forests and its land. For every part, Barong is modeled after another animal. Barong Ket has become the most typical type found in virtually every aspect of the Island. While Barong Buntut is a kind of Barong which only features its front, usually performed by one dancer. Other sorts of Barong comprises Barong Landung, Barong Celeng, Barong Macan, Barong Naga. Frequent Barong dance performances can be seen in lots of places in Bali, but the most famous is achieved by the Batu Bulan villagers in the district of Gianyar, or at Kesiman, Denpasar.